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Yokyakarta, Sasmita Sudirman Museum

Yokyakarta, Sasmita Sudirman Museum


17 August 1949 was a special day when the Independence Day was celebrated in Gedung Agung Yogyakarta after the return of Soekarno-Hatta from Bangka on 6 July 1949 and General Sudirman from his guerilla on 10 July 1949.

Based on the Round Table Conference on 27 December in Den Haag, Netherlands officially handed over the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia. Unfortunately, the Great General Sudirman could not see further result of his struggle. Tuberculosis virus gnawing his lungs after going in and out of forests for months finally defeated him. On 29 January 1950, the Great General died in a place provided for retired soldiers in Badakan, Magelang. He was then buried in the funeral for the patriots in Semaki, Yogyakarta.

The Great Commander is also a common human being. He has home and family to protect. Through this visualization, the museum tells more about the life of General Sudirman as a husband and father, and the highest leader in military. A general that never surrendered to colonies, even to the illness he suffered. Entering the museum seems like entering channel of time when the Great General Sudirman spent his days as a Leader. (YogYES.COM: R. Syah)

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