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Yokyakarta, Festival Malioboro

Yokyakarta, Festival Malioboro



Malioboro Festival was held back for a second time by the Department Tourism of Jogja. For this year, lasted for two days only, started from July 31 until August 1, 2010. As the name of this festival is centered around Malioboro.

Malioboro Festival is a cultural festival in which involved a variety of cultural attractions from music, dance and literature, from  Indonesia especially Jogja. Tourism Department tries to held Malioboro Festival because of  many requests from the Malioboro community to hold it back.

Different from  Malioboro Festival last year, this year followed by approximately 84 participants from the community Malioboro and 10 participants from community college students from outside Jogja. The participation from outside the region is one manifestation of the idea to improving the quality of roles that are considered partially icon Malioboro Yogyakarta city. And centers for culture-based activities. In addition, to improve the city of Jogja as a tourist destination.

Malioboro Festival was opened with a cultural carnival titled “Malioboro Street Carnival.” This carnival starts at 14:00. They began walking along the road Malioboro. The carnaval route begins with a parade carriage, as the traditional transportation of Jogja city. Not only andhong but also by several groups marching band. Residents and tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists crowded along the route of the carnival began. For this opening carnival, all road access to Malioboro was closed, thus making instantaneous congestion.

In the evening they held a variety of musical performances, titled “Rhytm of Malioboro” which centered on the Monument Serangan Umum. Various musicians will perform at this stage. Among other Malioboro Musician, Acoustic Reggae, and Percussion Baloka. They presents a variety of music that can be enjoyed by visitors.

All of Visitors who come not only enjoyed the  music, but also food stalls. Various food provided in Malioboro Food Bazaar. Starting from jogja special food, rice grilled up burgers. Visitors can come, buy food and sit around the stage while enjoying the musical offerings. They can entered free.

At Sunday afternoon they held “Imaginary of Malioboro” Many street painter of Malioboro show their expertise. They try to paint many object.

Finally Malioboro festival closed on Sunday night with the stage show, titled Panggung Bhineka Tunggal Ika entitled  “Harmony for Indonesia.” This stage is also based in Monument Serangan Umum. They offer ethnic and contemporary music and Wayang Kulit Performances lates into the night.

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