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West Kalimantan, Sungai Jawi Beach, Ketapang

West  Kalimantan, Sungai Jawi Beach, Ketapang


Ketapang Regency is a regency in the south of the province of West Kalimantan, on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Ketapang Regency occupies an area of 35,809 km², and its population was estimated at 473,880 in 2004 – consisting of 217,885 men and 205,931 women; at the subsequent census in 2010 it had 427,158 inhabitants following the splitting off of part of the regency to form the new North Kayong Regency. The principal town lies at Ketapang.

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West Kalimantan Intro, Nature Reserves, Mining, Plantations

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