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West Kalimantan, Kura-kura Beach, Bengkayang

Kura-kura Beach, Bengkayang


Kura-kura Beach which means turtle beach in English is a beach that is located in Bengkayang regency, close to Singkawang in West Kalimantan province, Indonesia. The area surrounding the beach is called Tanjung Gundul which means bare bay in English. The beach is far from human intervention. There is no electricity in the area. However, it doesn’t mean that the beach is never visited by anyone. There is Robertson couple who resides in the beach and supervises the beach genuineness. There are many travelers who come from outside Indonesia such as United States of America, Slovenia, Holland and many more.

In Kura-kura Beach, the visitors will be able to enjoy the view of a yellow sand overlay. From the beach, they will be able to see the Natuna Sea and some nearby islands such as Kabung Island and Penata Island. The sunset view from this beach will be able to leave a deep impression for the visitors. The beach is quite sloping thus the visitors should walk a bit if they want to reach the shore. The clear blue water of the beach has a serene wave so that the visitors will be able to play alongside the beach.

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