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Flores, Todo traditional village Manggarai

Todo, traditional village, Manggarai

TODO VILLAGE About an hour before Ruteng, but off the main road towards the south, is the village of Todo. It’s a traditional village where a traditional house can be seen. If you are lucky, the old village men will give you some explanation about the old Manggarai traditions. A compang is a stone altar usually found in the yards of traditional homes of the Manggarai community. The Compang is the center of traditional ceremonies, among which is the penti, a ceremony to thank God for a bountiful harvest. Water buffalos and cows are tied to this Compang to be subsequently sacrificed. The Compang Ruteng is located in the center of the Ruteng Pu’u village in Golo Dukal sub-district, Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). The stone Compang and the yards surrounding it are on higher ground than the local homes. A Beringin tree (Ficus Benjamina), locally known as a Ruteng, once grew in the center of the Compang. The tree is no longer there and is now replaced by a Dadap tree. To its east, the Compang has two local traditional tall houses with sharp roofs.

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