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Serbat Beach, Dullah, Kei Kecil

Serbat Beach, Dullah, Kei Kecil


The third largest island in the Kei archipelago, Dullah is where the islands’ original capital, Tual is located. Like neighbouring Kei Kecil, it is a flat, largely deforested island whose main attractions are its beaches are surrounding off-shore islands. However, as it offers just one beachside place to stay, it tends to be ignored by many visitors. Still, it can easily be explored in a day or two out of Tual.

Dullah Village

On the way to Difur, it’s worth stopping at the village of Dullah to see its kora-kora “war” canoes housed in sheds right by the side of the road. Also from Dullah village, speedboats cross fairly frequently to the village of Dullah Laut on the island of the same name.

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