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Sepanjang Beach, Gunung Kidul

Sepanjang Beach, Gunung Kidul


Sepanjang Beach is one of newly opened beaches. The name Sepanjang which means long derives from the characteristic of the beach that has the longest coastal lines of all beaches in Gunung Kidul. The atmosphere of this beach is so natural. The seaside is decorated with palm trees and huts roofed with dry leaves. The coral reef in the rise and fall of tides area is kept well. The dashes of waves reflect blue color signaling uncontaminated seawater. With such a situation, it is not false if the local government and investors plan to make this beach as the second Kuta Beach. Sepanjang has long coastal lines, clean water sands, and medium waves. We can just choose: suns bathing under the bright sun, surfing, or just enjoy the beach beauty. We can enjoy all the things when we come to the beach that lies some kilometers from Sundak Beach.

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