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Sekar, Ratu Hajjah Rustutih Rumagesan

Sekar-Ratu Hajjah Rustutih Rumagesan

Sekar,Sekar-Ratu Hajjah Rustutih Rumagesan a little principality on the Onin-peninsula. There are 9 principalities, which were before under the sway of the Tidore Sultanate. Mostly these areas were business principalities and still the dynasties there are still strong in business.
After her father died her 3 uncles quarelled to much over the power and then the people had so enough of it, that they asked her to become the regent. And so she did. She is it now since 2007. On the Raja Ampat islands there are also 4 principalities. Other areas on Papua also have rulers with raja, etc. titles, but can not be considered as real principalities. Only to the north of Papua lies an island group with name Mappia, which also is a principality (with a sort of Polynesian blood).

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