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Halmahera Pulau Bacan Nature Reserve Latitude : 0 28 15 N Logitude : 127 30 55 EAltitude : 0 to 0 metresArea : 332200 ha Wetlands: 0 haTenure : District Government of North MoluccasSite Description A large mountain ridge. The western, southern and eastern slopes drop off into the sea.[…]

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Moluccas Ambon Old State Mosque Wapauwe Kaitetu

Moluccas Ambon Old State Mosque Wapauwe Kaitetu  To reach the Old State Mosque Wapauwe Kaitetu which are, from the central city of Ambon we can use ground transportation with a travel time of one hour. Departing from Ambon city eastwards towards Passo Affairs. At the intersection of three Passo veering to[…]

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