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Ringgau, Raja Muda Ir. Christian D.J. Daoed

Ringgau, Raja Muda Ir. Christian D.J. Daoed

Ringgau, Raja Muda Ir. Christian D.J. DaoedRaja Muda Ir. Christian D.J. Daoed; chief Manek/Raja dynasty of Ringgou/Rote (22-3-2002-….)
After the death of his father;the last nominal-Manek of Ringou on Rote, he became chief of the Daoed dynasty of Ringgou. He is a government official in Kupang town . In Ringgou is a big Buginese Muslim community in Papela; mostly fishermen. Two of his sisters are living in Holland; one of them married to a member of the Sjioen-dynasty of OEpao on Rote, grandfather Reverend Jeheskiel Sjioen was asked before 1928 to become Paramount-Raja of all the 19 principalities of the Rote-islands. He declined, because chose to become a permanent servant of the Lord instead.

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