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South Kalimantan Pamukan Nature Reserve

Pamukan Nature Reserve

Location:2-ª32’S, 116-ª20’E; 85 km NNE of Kotabaru, Kabupaten Kotabaru, South Kalimantan.
Area:10,000 ha.
Altitude:Sea level.
Description of site:
A mangrove and estuarine swamp forest. The mangrove is well developed
and little disturbed.
Climatic conditions:
Humid tropical climate with an annual rainfall of 1,200-3,260 mm. Average temperatures range from 25-27-ªC.
Principal vegetation:
Extensive mangrove forest with species of Avicennia, Rhizophora, Sonneratia and Bruguiera.
Land tenure:
State owned (Indonesian Government).
Conservation measures taken:
Conservation measures proposed:
A proposal that the area be designated as a Nature Reserve (Cagar Alam) has been approved.
Land use:
No information.
Disturbances and threats:
Cutting of mangroves trees. There is a possibility that the area will be logged for wood chips.
Economic and social values:
The mangrove forests are of considerable importance as nursery and breeding areas for marine fishes and crustaceans which form the basis of the inshore fishery.

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