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Ora Beach, Saleman, Center Moluccas


Ora beach is located on the island of Seram, Maluku Tengah. This is heaven on earth. No need to go far away to foreign countries to get a peaceful atmosphere with the natural landscape (especially the beach) are very beautiful. Ora beach is very offering unparalleled natural beauty, one more proof for the tourists out there that Indonesia has a beautiful beach.

Another charm of the beach ora This is the life of marine life. Coral reefs or coral on the beach is diverse and colorful as well as fish. Because the water is so clear, coral and fish were berrenang fro you can see directly from the boat, really sunny weather menakjubkan.Ketika Ora Beach scenery is very beautiful even at night. Imagine, you are sitting on the dock and enjoy the flickering lights of stars in the sky that shone like pearls. Do not forget to bring a camera to capture the beauty of the night sky at Ora Beach ini.Karena remote location or away from keramain, this beach is perfect for those craving tranquility of kesibukkan, away from the urban bustle.

Ora beach is perfect for Eco-travellers and honeymooners alike. A row of cozy, wooden cottages line the sandy, white beaches, overlooking the crystal clear waters of Sawai Bay, and with a backdrop of limestone cliffs and majestic mountains, covered in lush, tropical greenery. Seram island is most famous for its abundant bird life. Of 117 species found on the island, 14 are endemic to Seram.

Seram is the largest island in the Maluku province, measuring approximately 16,000 square kilometers, yet is home to a population of only about 170,000. It lies just north of the smaller and more historically renowned island of Ambon. Maluku Province is located between Indonesia’s larger islands of Sulawesi and Papua. Seram’s geographic location amidst several tectonic plates, gives the island a remarkably complex terrain. A central mountain range runs across the island, its highest mountain, Gunung Binaya, peaking at just over 3,000 meters. The island is covered mostly in dense, tropical rain forests, bordered on one side by towering cliffs and the other by sandy white beaches, and finally encircled by a crystal blue sea.


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