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Ora Beach North of Seram Island




photo: Barry Kusuma

Ora beach located in the village of Sawai, North Seram, Central Maluku is one of the tourist places in Maluku. His condition is still very natural and has a very beautiful view, make this place as one of the favorite places that are favored by the tourists, especially local tourists in Maluku. With very beautiful scenery, beaches Ora touted as his Hawaii Indonesia by some people who’ve been there. Currently, the development of supporting facilities on the beach Ora are in the process of development. Hopefully, by the addition of these support facilities, Ora beach can be one of the favorite tourist destinations, and became one of the icons of tourism in Maluku.

As the country with the second longest coastline in the world, Indonesia is home to countless beautiful beaches, and has won numerous awards for such. One of these beaches is Ora Beach, carefully hidden away on the North Coast of Seram Island. An exotic and extremely remote destination, Ora beach is perfect for Eco-travellers and honeymooners alike. A row of cozy, wooden cottages line the sandy, white beaches, overlooking the crystal clear waters of Sawai Bay, and with a backdrop of limestone cliffs and majestic mountains, covered in lush, tropical greenery. Seram island is most famous for its abundant bird life. Of 117 species found on the island, 14 are endemic to Seram.

oraterasSeram is the largest island in the Maluku province, measuring approximately 16,000 square kilometers, yet is home to a population of only about 170,000. It lies just north of the smaller and more historically renowned island of Ambon. Maluku Province is located between Indonesia’s larger islands of Sulawesi and Papua. Seram’s geographic location amidst several tectonic plates, gives the island a remarkably complex terrain. A central mountain range runs across the island, its highest mountain, Gunung Binaya, peaking at just over 3,000 meters. The island is covered mostly in dense, tropical rain forests, bordered on one side by towering cliffs and the other by sandy white beaches, and finally encircled by a crystal blue sea.

How to get Ora beach

  • Take flight to Ambon, continue by speedboat from Port to Port Amahai Tulehu (Masohi) VIP ticket price of Rp. 150.000, – and Rp economy ticket. 92.000, – and a travel time of about 2 hours.
  • Then from the Port Tulehu continued by road with the vehicle for about 2 hours to the village of Sawai, winding streets and drivers usually drive pretty fast, easy to prepare nausea anti nausea drugs yes. From the village of Sawai lived across the dock about 10 minutes alone with a small boat, you’re in Ora Beach already!
  • Ora Beach Resort is a family owned resort in this secluded part of Seram Island, and is only accessible by water.It is located between the Sawai Bay, rugged cliffs, forested peaks and Saleman village. The Resort comprises of 5 stilted bungalows, 6 standard rooms and a restaurant. Prices range from 1,000,000 – 1,500,000 rupiah per day, and include transport to and from Port Tulehu, as well as 3 meals a day.
  • For booking please contact Ora Beach ResortOra Beach
    Seram Utara
    Jln. Raya Waitatiri Ambon, Maluku
    Phone +62-922-362717
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook: Ora Beach Ambon Maluku
    Alvin Latuconsina (+628170833554/+628111909404)
  • If you plan to go diving or snorkeling, (which you should,) any equipment should be rented while in Ambon.
  • Snorkeling should be done in deeper waters, because although shallow waters are equally abundant in corals, swimming in these waters could damage the reefs, in other areas are still many beautiful corals that we can enjoy.
  • Make sure to bring enough cash from Ambon, as there are no ATMs or Banks on the island.
  • As there is only one restaurant on Ora Beach, visitors are advised to bring their own food or snacks as well.

Last but not least, do not litter, and please do your part to protect the environment.

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