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Soputan volcano, North Sulawesi, Sulawesi

soputan volcano indonesia

Soputan Volcano is located in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia. The volcano is only 3 km from Sempu, which is essentially the same volcanic system.

Soputan volcano is situated on a SSW-NNE fracture zone.
Historical eruptions have taken place at the summit and a NE flank vent (Aeseput).
A lava dome has been growing at the volcano since 1991.

Soputan volcano photos by John Seach

soputan sulawesi
Soputan volcano, Indonesia. January 2015

2015 Eruption
Eruptions of Soputan volcano began on 3rd January 2015. On 6th January ash emissions reached 27,000 ft. A 6.5 km exclusion zone was placed around the volcano and the alert level raised to RED. During a visit to Soputan volcano in January 2015 by John Seach, ash emissions were observed rising to 20,000 ft altitude.

2012 Eruption
An increase in activity occurred at Soputan volcano during August 2012. Between 16-25 August 938 avalanches were detected seismically. On 26th August an explosive eruption ejected incandescent material into the air. The alert status at the volcano was raised from level 2 (waspada) to level 3 (siaga) on 26th August.

2011 Eruption
An explosive eruption began at Soputan volcano on 3rd July 2011. The eruption send an ash plume 6000 m high. The airport at Manado was closed for three hours following the eruption.
Eruptions occurred at Soputan volcano in Indonesia on 14th August 2011. The first eruption at 7:55 am produced an eruption column 1 km above the summit. The second eruption at 9:27 am produced a column 1.2 km above the summit. The alert status at the volcano was raised to level 3 (out of maximum 4) on 14th August. An 8 km exclusion zone was placed around the volcano.

2008 Eruptions
An eruption occurred at Soputan Volcano on 6th October 2008. Ash was emitted to a height of 1000 m. The nearest villages are 8 km from the crater, and no evacuations were necessary. A lava dome has continued to grow in the crater since 1991. Eruptions are usually occurring from the lava dome. The volcano was increased to level 3 alert (Siaga), out of a maximum 4.
Soputan volcano in Indonesia erupted at 10 am (local time) on 6th June, 2008. Pyroclastic flows were recorded extending 4 km from the summit, and ash emissions reached 2 km above the volcano. Between March and June 2008 there was an increase in ground temperatures and elevated seismicity at the volcano. During May there were 2 volcanic earthquakes per day. On 6th June there were 6 volcanic earthquakes, and volcanic tremor was recorded.

2007 Eruption
On 14th August 2007 an eruption of Soputan sent ash to a height of 4.6 km. Residents near the volcano were reported to be wearing face masks, but no evacuations occurred. The nearest village is 11 km from the crater. On 25th and 30th of October, lava flowed 500-600 m down the west flank. A 6 km exclusion zone was placed around the crater.

1973 Eruptions
Phreatic eruptions occurred in 1973.

1947 Eruption
Eruptions occurred at Soputan volcano between 22-25 August 1947.

1915 Eruption
In 1915, activity migrated 575 m southeast to a second parasitic vent, Aesoput Weru.

1901 Eruption
In 1901, activity switched from the summit to a parasitic vent on the north-northwest flank and resulted in the eruption of several lava flows and the building of a 150-m-high cinder cone, Aesoput.

Soputan Volcano Eruptions

2015, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2000, 1991-93, 1991, 1989, 1985, 1984, 1982, 1973, 1971, 1970, 1968, 1966-67, 1953, 1947,1923-24, 1917, 1915, 1913, 1911-12, 1910, 1908-09, 1907, 1906, 1901, 1890, 1845, 1833?, 1819, 1785


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