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Halmahera Birding

North Moluccas Halmahera Birding


Birding trip to Halmahera (7 Days/6 Nights)

Day 1
Manado – Ternate – Sidangoli
Transfer to the airport in Manado, we will travel by Air to Ternate, onwards via a speedboat to Sidangoli, birding on mangrove forest for seeing Beach Kingfisher.
After lunch, birding trip will be continued along logging road to Kali Batu Putih.
Check-in and overnight at Sidangoli Indah homestay (Basic accommodation)

Day 2
Sidangoli – Kali Batu Putih/KBP
Arise early morning, drives along logging, birding around Kali Batu Putih where is the lek of Standardwing Paradise bird.
Other endemic species of Halmahera should be seen; Ivory-breasted Pitta, Paradise Crow, Long-billed Crow, Rufous-bellied Triller, Goliath Coucal, Moluccan Hanging Parrot, Chattering Lory, White Cockatoo, Cinnamon-bellied Imperial Pigeon, Grey-headed Fruit-dove, Scarlet-breasted Fruit-dove, Blue-capped Fruit-dove, Flame-breasted Flowerpecker, Cream-throated White-eye, Dusky Friarbird, Moluccan Scops-owl, Moluccan Boobook, and Moluccan Owlet-nightjar.
Common birds; Common Golden Whistler, Blyth’s Hornbill, Gurneys Eagle, Eclectus Parrot, Red-cheeked Parrot, Violet-necked Lory, Willie Wagtail, Grey Wagtail, Moluccan Starling, Mettalic Starling, Shining Flycatcher, Spectacled Monarch, Spangled Drongo, Golden Bulbul, Common Paradise Kingfisher, and Rainbow Bee-eater.

Day 3
Sidangoli – KBP – Daru – Foli
Today we are still birding around KBP, then driving down to Daru where is a port for a boat across to Foli, keep your step for Terns, Frigatebirds, and Brown Booby.
Arrive in Foli, check-in at homestay or native people houses (Basic accommodation).
Afternoon birding along logging road.
Return to accommodation for overnight.

Day 4

For more Details Itinerary please contact us.

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