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Museum Cenderawasih Biak Papua

Museum Cenderawasih Biak Papua

Cenderawasih Museum Address: Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Kota Biak, Pulau Biak, Papua, Indonesia, ID The Cenderawasih Museum is located within the popular resort of Kota Biak, on the island of Pulau Biak, where it is widely advertised by the local tourist office as one of the region’s biggest tourist attractions. Whilst that title may well be debatable, the Cenderawasih Museum is certainly worthy of a visit and contains a rather diverse and eclectic collection of war-related artefacts, which range from Second World War military memorabilia and weaponry, to war relics from Japan, which are displayed in the gardens. Open: hours vary / by arrangement Admission: charge

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