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About 10km north of Denpasar, Kapal is the garden-feature and temple-doodad centre of Bali. If you need a green tiger or other decorative critter (we saw a pink beaver) rendered in colours not found in nature, then this is your place! (Although shipping might be a pain.) Kapal is on the main road to the west, so it might be worth getting out of the traffic just to walk with the animals.

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Kapal, Sadha Kapal Temple

Kapal, Sadha Kapal Temple Sadha Kapal Temple in Kapal is known for its intricate decorative carvings. Dating from the Majapahit period, this temple was originally an old dynastic sanctuary of the Mengwi royal family. The split gate and 16-meter high tower are constructed in ancient Javanese style. Sixty-four stone seats, similar to megalithic[…]

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Tabanan Tabanan, like most regional capitals in Bali, is a large, well-organised place. The verdant surrounding rice fields are emblematic of Bali’s rice-growing traditions and are part of its Unesco recognition. Driving in the southern part of Tabanan district takes you though many charming villages and past a lot[…]

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