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Nusa Barung, Nusa Barung Nature Reserve, Cagar Alam,

Nusa Barung Nature Reserve

Nusa Barung Nature Reserve General Nusa Barung is a 6,100 ha island, 12 km south-west of the Meru Betiri National Park, on the south coast of Java. The island consists of limestone with high cliffs. Most of the area is dry and mountainous. Several birds and sea turtles breed on[…]

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West Java, Tunggal Mask Dance, Jakarta Tunggal Mask Dance from Jakarta.Derived from a Betawi traditional mask art, Tunggal Mask is a classic Betawi Mask Dance which tells a human being with 3 personality traits that are disclosed in 3 mask characters, Panji, Kelana and Jingga. A calm and soft spoken[…]

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