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Flores, Maumere, Sao Wisata Diving Center

Flores, Maumere, Sao Wisata Diving Center


Sao Wisata or Flores Soa Resort and Diving Center is located on the beach of Waira, about 8 km form “Waioti” Airport and 10 km from Maumere City in the West part of Flores Island.

Sao Wisata situated right on the beach. shaded by coconut palm trees. The resort is set up in natural architecture, modern and simple, but comfortable and clean. All rooms / cottages are provided with private bathroom, shower and balcony. 16 rooms with air-conditioned and 6 rooms with Fan.

Sao Wisata is ideal resort for divers to explore the 40 different dive sites in the Marine Garden of the Bay of Maumere. Dive into the crystal clear water with normal visibility of 60 – 150 yeard and the right temperature of 26 – 28°Celsius, where you will see more species of fish than anywhere else and exciting marine life.

For non divers, you can enjoy the exciting snorkeling and other water activities, or just relax on white sandy beach. Or enjoy the land tour to see the well known Three Color Lake – “Kelimutu”, explore local villages, meet local people, see traditional “ikat” handweaving, and much more …

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