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Flores Tribes Ende People 78.000

Flores Tribes Ende People 78.000 Ende, 9,000 Nga’o. Lesser Sundas, south central Flores, west of Sikka. Alternate names: Endeh. Dialects: Ende (Endeh, Ja’o, Djau), Nga’o (Ngao, West Ende). A dialect subgroup. Li’o [ljl] may be a dialect of Ende.

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Flores, Leroboleng volcano

Flores, Leroboleng volcano Country: Indonesia Subregion Name: Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia) Volcano Number: 0604-20= Volcano Type: Complex volcano Volcano Status: Historical Last Known Eruption: 2003  Summit Elevation: 1117 m 3,665 feet Latitude: 8.358°S 8°21’30″S Longitude: 122.842°E 122°50’30″E Leroboleng volcano, also known as Lereboleng or Lewono, lies at the eastern[…]

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