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Lore Lindu National Park, Lore Lindu, map, Park Nasional,

– Central Sulawesi Lore Lindu National Park Map

Central Sulawesi Lore Lindu National Park Map World Heritage Since 1992, The Nature Conservancy has been helping to preserve the rain forests of this national park in partnership with the Directorate General of Protection and Conservation of Nature (PKA). The highly diverse ecosystems of this park include montane,[…]

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Tulamben, Ahmed, Lipah, Kubu, Seraya, Gili Selang Tulamben Tulamben is located on the northeast coast of Bali at the foot of Mount Gunung Agung. Tulamben is mainly known for the US Liberty wreck that lies close to the shore. The US Liberty is a cargo ship that was torpedoed in[…]

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