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Singasari Temple, Candirenggo village, Malang, East Java

Singosari Temple

One historical tour owned Singosari Malang is located in the village Candirenggo, Singosari, Malang. First discovered in the 18th century, this temple called the Temple Tower by the Dutch. An archaeologist of European call Temple Cella, because this temple has 4 slits in the walls. Communities around the temple had called the Temple Dome. But at the end of this temple is famous by the name of Singosari until now.

Singosari uniqueness lies in the way of making that the andesite stones piled up to a certain height, then referred to carve this rock from top to bottom. The temple has a square shape is a historical legacy that is a mixture of Shiva – Buddha. This is evidenced by the several statues of gods / goddesses in the temple that most are no longer intact. Inside the temple there is a phallus and yoni. Singosari have many carvings, statues and reliefs. In the west of the temple there are two statues guarding Dwarapala royal complex. But unfortunately most of the statues were found in Singosari is in the Royal Tropical Institute, Leiden, The Netherlands.

How to get there

Singosari Temple is located at Jalan Desa Kertanegara Candirenggo , Singosari , Malang . From Malang then you can achieve far more than 10 miles to the north. While Surabaya is approximately 88 km to the south

To go Singosari can be reached either by car or taxi from Malang and Surabaya or Tretes. Taxis and cars can be easily obtained in those cities. As the second busiest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is served by domestic and international airlines.

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