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Kelenteng Dewi Welas Asih, Chinese Temple, Cirebon

kelenteng welas asih cirebonThis is one of the oldest temples in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia, Kelenteng Dewi Welas Asih. As the name stated, this temple is dedicated

to the Goddess Guan Yin (Kwan Im) whom in Bahasa Indonesia often referred to “Dewi Welas Asih”.

This temple has 18 altars, each dedicated to a specific Deity such as Guan Yin (Kwan Im), Guan Yu (Kwan Te Kun/Kwan Kong), Hok Tek Ceng Sin, Wei Tho Posat, and many Others.

Kelenteng Dewi Welas Asih (Tiao Kak Sie Temple )  located on Jl. Tidak Ada Kantor 2 , Kamiran village , Cirebon, on the left side of the bank building , or a building right across the BAT Cirebon. Goddess of Mercy temple is one of the oldest temples in Cirebon, besides temple and monastery transmitter Gutters Safety. As Heritage Cirebon Goddess of Mercy Temple which was founded in 1595. Standing on a land area of ​​1,857 m2, 1,600 m2 building with a courtyard around which a broad enough to organizing rituals and Lunar Cap Go Meh annually.

As Heritage Cirebon Goddess of Mercy Temple which was founded in 1595. On the right is the entrance gate into the temple briefly shaped temple, made ​​of gray andesite stone. Temple briefly typically encountered in building temples or Hindu temples. A pair of lions stand guard next to a short tower kiln paper money for ancestors, and ornaments round circles on the left and right walls . Ornaments that look like a pair of dragon dancing or acrobatics above wuwungan Cirebon Goddess of Mercy temple shaped like a curved saddle. In the middle there is a four-legged animal  ornaments, horns and horned, scaly body , jagged tails, and at the back there is a sort of fire chakra, at the bottom right of the shape resembles a temple or terraced fortress, with a bamboo fenced balcony on the left and on the right are respectively two tiered tower. Small statues with drawn sword in both hands, looks like it’s the middle of the building maintain an enemy attack.

Chinese paintings are small light blue circle surrounds the beautiful stick circle red yellow blue, with curved ornaments each other pretty convoluted in the middle. Outside the circle, at the four corners, there is a pink flower ornaments are not less beautiful. A pair of brown striped cylindrical lanterns with ornaments green dragon -headed and yellow finned decorates the entrance to the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy Cirebon. At the back there are two golden red lanterns again with a smaller size. Ornaments around the entrance of the Temple of the Goddess of Mercy Cirebon are quite beautiful to the eye. Chimes or bells that hang also adorn the ceiling.

Tee Kwan Kun altar located at the right of the main hall the Goddess of Mercy Temple Cirebon. Tee Kwan Kun, or Kwan Seng Tee Kun, or Kwan Kong, is famous warlord in the days of Sam Kok (Three Kingdoms, 165-219 AD), who have achieved perfection with a degree Satyakalamayang Bodhisattva. Kwan Kong is the Protector of the Temple and the Buddhist sacred buildings, as the Guardian Angel of War for the Tao, and as an example in terms of fidelity, truth and courage for Confucians.

Central altar which is used as the main altar a place of worship for the goddess Kwan Im Posat, or the Goddess of Mercy, whose name is used as the name of this temple. Towards the end of the Han Dynasty, Long before the entry of Buddhism into China, Kwan Im Pho Sat was known in ancient China as Pek Ie Tai Su, or the Goddess of Mercy in white Yang.

Thian Siang shrine Bo Seng , Patron Goddess of the Sea, which is always displayed as a beautiful goddess dress empress , and escorted by two demons who once conquered , namely Qian Li Yan ( Li Si Thousand Eyes ) and Sun Feng Er ( Si Ear Wind Good ) .

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