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Central Sulawesi, Lalos Beach, Toli-Toli

Central Sulawesi, Lalos Beach, Toli-Toli


Toli-Toli Regency is a regency of Central Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. The principal town lies at Toli-Toli, a port on the coast of Baolan District.

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– Central Sulawesi

Central Sulawesi Nearly abandoned by tourism during and after a period of religious violence spanning over eight years, Central Sulawesi is back on the itinerary for travellers who are moving up or down between the Togean Islands and Tana Toraja. The towns on the vast Danau Poso are an ideal[…]

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Central Sulawesi, Tribes, Map

Central Sulawesi 42 Tribes South central portion of central Sulawesi, Lore Selatan subdistrict, 14 villages; Pamona Selatan subdistrict, 2 mixed villages; Poso Pesisir subdistrict, 4 mixed villages; Parigi subdistrict, some in Lemusa village; Ampibabo subdistrict. Ako in northern Mamuju District, Pasangkayu subdistrict. 23 villages or parts of villages. Alternate names:[…]

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