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Gunung Sibela Nature Reserve

Gunung Sibela Nature Reserve General Gunung Sibela Nature Reserve comprises an area of 23,000 ha. on Bacan. The site is named after the Gunung Sibela (2,118 m.), the highest mountain in N Maluku. Its slopes are thickly forested and are home to the only Crested black macaque population outside Sulawesi.AccessLabuha,[…]

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Aru Islands Map, Aru Islands, aru, dobo,nature reserves, tribes,

Moluccas Aru Islands Map Aru, Kei and TanimbarIslands Maps

Aru, Kei and TanimbarIslands Maps     Barukai Island-4.300 South Maluku; Barakai Island, Longgar, Apara, Bemun, and Mesiang; southeast Aru Islands; Gomo-Gomo Island northeast of Barakai. Alternate names: Workai. Dialects: Barakai, Mesiang. Similar to Karey [kyd]. Lexical similarity: 70% with Batuley [bay]. Wokam Island  Batuley 3.840 South Maluku, off the[…]

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