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Aceh, Weh Island, Lumba Lumba diving centre

Aceh, Weh Island, Lumba Lumba diving centre


Dive in crowds of fish, not in crowds of divers: Still being an insiders’ secret, and off the beaten track, Pulau Weh offers unspoiled and uncrowded dive sites. Add our team’s dedication, experience and love for the ocean and you’ll get unforgettable dives, from spectacular full-adrenaline dives to long slow relaxed macro spotting dives. homebase in paradiseCrew 10 year anniversaryTime to go diving Homebase in paradise: We are a professional Dutch-Indonesian dive operation in a great dive shop. Open since 1998, Lumba Lumba Diving Centre has become a meeting point on Gapang Beach, a hub of activity from where the diving starts, a friendly n welcoming place where you can feel at home. Taste some of the Wonders of Weh: dive into the dive site descriptions n some more photos. How to come up to Weh: Take a night bus from Medan to Banda Aceh, then the morning fast ferry and reach Gapang Beach before noon. Fly from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jakarta or Medan and be here late afternoon the same day! Stay & relax here: Gapang offers a wide choice in accommodation, from cheap basic wooden huts to comfortable bungalows. Sure you will find something to fit your taste n budget!

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