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Sumatra Other Textiles, 34 Sumatran Ceremonial Hangings (IK) Tapis Inuh Panel Ceremonial garment, Sumatra, Indonesia, 18th cent. Technique: Silk silk floss embroidery, mica and flat metal strips on cotton ground. 19th century Design: The embroidered bands show a procession of ceremonial boats that appear also as bird forms. Transformation is[…]

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North Sumatra, Two Color Sibolangit Waterfall

North Sumatra, Two Color Sibolangit Waterfall Two Color Sibolangit Waterfall is located in the village of Durin Sirugun, the foot of Mount Sibayak, North Sumatra. Can be reached through land route, across the Sibolangit Campgrounds. Mileage from Medan – Sibolangit around 75km, and from the Main Door Campgrounds Sibolangit[…]

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