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West Sumatra, Tandikat Volcano

West Sumatra, Tandikat Volcano


Tandikat Volcano is a stratovolcano also known as Tandikai, Tandike. The volcano is located in the Padang Highlands, West Sumatra, about 7.5 km from Padangpanjang. It is joined to a larger mountain called Singgalang.

Tandikat Volcano – John Seach

There are two summit craters, one with a lake. Crater A is 1200 m in diameter and covered with dense vegetation. Crater B is 400 m in diameter. Crater A has produced 24 lava flows and 4 pyroclastic flows, whereas B crater produced one lava flow. A waterfall called Lembah Anai is a tourist attraction.

2003 Earthquakes
Residents felt an earthquake near Tandikat volcano on 20th January 2003. A significant number of volcanic earthquakes were measured at the volcano. During the week of 20-26 January 2003, 149 deep volcanic earthquakes were recorded, and 174 tectonic earthquakes. The alert level was raised to 2 (on a scale of 1-4) on 25 January 2003. No eruptions occurred.

Tandikat Volcano Eruptions

1924, 1914, 1889.

Subregion Name:Sumatra (Indonesia)
Volcano Number:0601-15=
Volcano Type:Stratovolcanoes
Volcano Status:Historical
Last Known Eruption:1924 
Summit Elevation:2438 m7,999 feet
Tandikat and its twin volcano to the NNE, Singgalang, lie across the Bukittinggi plain from Marapi volcano. Volcanic activity has migrated to the SSW from Singgalang and only Tandikat has had historical activity. The summit of Tandikat has a partially eroded 1.2-km-wide crater containing a large central cone capped by a 360-m-wide crater with a small crater lake. The only three reported historical eruptions, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, produced only mild explosive activity.

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