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Togian, Black Marlin Kadidiri

Togian Islands

Black Marlin Kadidiri Resort

Black Marlin Dive Resort has 15 exclusive and stylish bungalows just a few steps from the ocean. All rooms have double springbeds with full mosquito nets. Western style bathrooms with clean running water (we filter it ourselves). All terraces have hammocks and panoramic sea views.

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Togian Islands Fadhila Cottages  Fadhila Cottages has ten wooden bungalows with sundeck, set in a well maintained garden, surrounded by the sea. It does have running water, which is quite rare in the Togian islands. Here are pictures of the new bungalows taken by Marion, the young lady who made[…]

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Togian IslandsResorts Island Retreat Pulau Batudaka Island Retreat is located at Pulau Batudaka one of the main Islands within the Togian cluster. It is surrounded by mangrove, jungle, fine white sandy beaches, and flora and fauna unique to the Wallace line (a division between the New and Old World)[…]

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