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Lasem Traditional batik 45

Batik Hipwrap (‘Kain Panjang’) (TP) Probably made in Lasem, on Java’s north coast, this handsome old batik resembles the ones done for the Sumatra market in coloration and ‘kepala’ design, but not in the designs in the central field. Done in a combination of hand-drawn (‘tulis’) and stamp (‘tjap’) techniques,[…]

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Central Java, Solo Radya pustaka Museum

Central Java, Solo Radya pustaka Museum It was built in 1890, located at JL. Slamet Riyadi. The statue of Ronggowarsito, a Karaton poet of the past stands in the front yard. It has a good collection of antiquities, gamelan, keris, puppets, scroll of wayang beber, some Javanese and Dutch books.[…]

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