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 South Sulawesi Nature Reserves

Bangkala Wildlife Reserve
Bulu Saraung Nature Reserve
Bulurokeng Nature Reserve
Cani Sirenrang Nature Recreation Park
Danau Sidenreng
Danau Towuti
Goa Patunuang Nature Recreation Park
Kaleana Nature Reserve
Karaenta Nature Reserve
Kepulauan Kapoposang Nature Recreation Park
Komara Wildlife Reserve
Malili Lake System
Lamiko-miko Nature Reserve
Lariang-Lumu Plains Nature Reserve
Lejja Nature Recreation Park
Malino Nature Recreation Park
Muara Sungai  Baliase
Muara Sungai Salowatu Nature Reserve
Nanggala III Nature Recreation Park
North Coast of Teluk Bone
Pegunungan Latimojong Protection Forest
Polewali Mapili
Ponda Ponda Nature Reserve
Raya Bontobahari Wildlife Reserve
Rompi Hunting Park
Sidrap Nature Recreation Park
Sungai Camba Research Forest

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