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Raja Ampat, Sorido Bay Resort, Diving

Papua, Raja Ampat, Sorido Bay Resort, Diving


Diving conditions in the Dampier Strait

Good here all year round

Diving conditions in the Dampier Strait are good all year round.
The climate of Papua has diffuse seasons with no particular dry or rainy season.
Equatorial with high humidity and occasional tropical rainfall showers. The mornings are clear and bright, with clouds building up by mid-day,which commonly fall in the early afternoon, often only towards dusk or overnight.

The Dampier Strait conveys massive amounts of water, forcing currents to flow parallel to the equator.
Current are a constant componet and must be considered when planning the dives. Therefore we try to time and choose the sites with the best possible current. However if there is no current, there is likely to be less action.

Water temperature is a constant 28 or 29 degrees celcius and visibility ranges between 15-30 metres.

The summer month are windier, some resorts will close due to rougher conditions.
Because of our protected location we can operate all year around.

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