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Pulau Seribu National Park Map

Pulau Seribu National Park Map

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Pulau Seribu “Thousand Islands” Pulau Seribu, the “Thousand Islands”, which actually number 110, are scattered in a vertical group north of Jakarta in the shallow Java Sea and are popular with local divers. Weekends are crowded! Reef Type Coral Slopes
Access 45 minutes to 2 hours by boat from Ancol Marina, Jakarta
Visibility Fair to good, 8-15 meters
Current Gentle
Fish Good variety and coral formations
Highlights Wooden shipwreck at Pulau Peniki, excellent coral at Pulau Kotok and also at Pulau Gosonglaga.
Pulau Papa Theo Opslaan
This island, formerly called Pulau Tondan Timuro was renamed when the vessel Papa Theo sank on the reef her in 1982. It is a simple wreck dive, with lots of marine life and occasional sharks in the deeper water at the stern of the ship. There are parrot fish, some resident groupers, many moray eels and quite a lot of stingrays in this spot. The northern end of this island is often chosen as a night dive site.
Pulau Kotok
This island sits on the western edge of the Pulau Seribu Group, and offers the best coral life. The west and north ends of the island are the best dives (20 meters) because they face the open sea. Schools of sweetlips, turtles and sharks all inhabit this island. Small manta rays have been seen here and there is an abundance of gorgaonians and soft corals.
Pulau Gosonglaga
This island is basically a small sandbank surrounded by an immense reef. The entire circumference reef is good, and in areas good coral growth extends down to more than 20 meters.


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Alam Kotok Resorts, Pulau Seribu, Java

Alam Kotok Java Indonesia

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