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North Sulawesi Length 18m, broad 4m No. Passengers/Divers 4 or 5 No. Cabins 3 All doubles No. Bathrooms/Toilets 1 shared Dining, Relaxing, Sun Bathing: 24h Electricity 220 Voltage Safety / First Aid Services Medic First Aid, Oxygen Nearest Recompression Chamber Manado General Hospital Dive Entry Backroll entry No. Divemasters/Instructors 2[…]

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North Sulawesi, Birding on Sangihe, Talaud & Siau

North Sulawesi, Birding on Sangihe, Talaud & Siau Aethopyga duyvenbodei, Elegant Sunbird, Burungmadu Sangihe Summary: The string of islands off north Sulawesi including Sangihe, Siau and Talaud are not so easy to get to, but loads of great endemics await those who try it. Key bird species: Talaud Bush-hen;[…]

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