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Lembata, Iliwerung volcano

Lembata, Iliwerung volcano


Subregion Name:Lesser Sunda Islands (Indonesia)
Volcano Number:0604-25=
Volcano Type:Complex volcano
Volcano Status:Historical
Last Known Eruption:1999 
Summit Elevation:1018 m3,340 feet
Constructed on the southern rim of the Lerek caldera, Iliwerung forms a prominent south-facing peninsula on Lembata (formerly Lomblen) Island. Craters and lava domes have formed along N-S and NW-SE lines on the complex volcano; during historical time vents from the summit to the submarine SE flank have been active. The Iliwerung summit lava dome was formed during an eruption in 1870. In 1948 Iligripe lava dome grew on the eastern flank at 120 m altitude. Beginning in 1973-74, when three ephemeral islands were formed, submarine eruptions began on the lower SE flank at a vent named Hobal; several other eruptions took place from this vent before the end of the century.

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