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East Kalimantan Kepulauan Sangalaki Marine Wildlife Reserve

Kepulauan Sangalaki Marine Wildlife Reserve

Sangalaki, Kepulauan Sangalaki Marine Wildlife Reserve, Suaka Margasatwa
The Kepulauan Sangalaki Marine Wildlife Reserve consists of a coral archipelago in East Kalimantan province. The marine park has an area of 280 ha and is located next to the proposed Pulau Maratua Marine Park.
The island group consists of P.Sangalaki, P.Semana, P.Belambangan, P.Bilangan, P.Mataha, P.Sambit.
The main attraction of the park is its beautiful underwater world. Around Pulau Sangalaki several species of sea turtle occur and you can dive surrounded by the giant, but peaceful, Manta Rays. The sea surrounding Pulau Kakaban is home to large shoals of Barracuda.
Pulau Kakaban itself holds a large brackish waterlake with a very unique fauna including large numbers of stingless Jellyfish. Other islands of the archipelago are the domain of sea birds while Pulau Pinaka has mangrove forest.
Two of the islands, Pulau Derawan and Pulau Maratua are inhabitated by the Bajau, former sea-gypsies which have settled on Kepulauan Sangalaki now. Banjar and Kutai Dayak also live on these two islands while the other islands of the archipelago are not inhabitated. To explore the undisturbed coral reefs settle down on Pulau Derawan or Tanjung Batu.
Take a boat to Pulau Derawan from Tanjung Batu on mainland Kalimantan. Tanjung Batu is reached by boat from Tanjung Redab (4-5 hr), the capital of the Berau district. To get to Tanjung Redab you have to catch a plane or ferry (once a week, 24 hr) from Samarinda.
An other way to get to Tanjung Batu is by boat from Tarakan which can be reached by plane from Balikpapan.
* Tanjung Batu
o Losmen Famili (there are two losmen with this name)
* Pulau Derawan
o Losmen Ilham
o Derawan Diving Resort
* Dugong – Dugong dugon

* Green Turtle – Chelonia mydas
* Hawksbill Turtle – Eretmochelys imbricata

* Surgeonfish – Acanthuridae
* Cardinalfish – Apogonidae
* Triggerfish – Balistidae
* Batfish – Ephippidae
* Goby – Gobiidae
* Shark – Hemigaleidae and Sphyrnidae
* Snapper – Lutjanidae
* Manta Ray – Manta alfredi
* Scorpionfish – Scorpaenidae
* Basslet and Grouper – Serranidae
* Rabbitfish – Siganidae
* Barracuda – Sphyraenidae


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