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Halmahera, Jailolo volcano

Halmahera, Jailolo volcano


Subregion Name:Halmahera (Indonesia)
Volcano Number:0608-051
Volcano Type:Stratovolcano
Volcano Status:Holocene
Last Known Eruption:Unknown
Summit Elevation:1130 m3,707 feet
The Jailolo volcanic complex forms a peninsula west of Jailolo Bay on the western coast of Halmahera Island. Jailolo stratovolcano at the center of the complex has youthful lava flows on its eastern flank. Small calderas are located west and SW of Jailolo. The westernmost caldera, Idamdehe, truncates an older twin volcano of Jailolo. Hot springs occur along the NW coast of the caldera. Kailupa cone forms a small volcanic island off the southern coast of the peninsula. Hot mudflows were reported from Jailolo volcano shortly prior to 1883, but no eruptions are known during historical time.

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