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Halmahera, Festival Teluk Jailolo

Festival Teluk Jailolo, Halmahera



Cabaret on The Sea is a contemporary performing art that combines elements of traditional dance, music, drama and dynamic choreography based on the Jailolo society and culture and one of the most integral part of the Festival Teluk Jailolo (Jailolo Gulf Festival). Since its first appearance, Cabaret on The Sea practically became the icon and the culmination of Festival Teluk Jailolo in the next subsequent years.

Cabaret on The Sea is a contemporary performing art that became the community pride of Jailolo. This cabaret appearance at the last year’s festival received many positive reactions, both from indigenous of Jailolo, as well as the tourist, adventurers and the journalists who came to Jailolo only to experience the splendiferousness of this event.

You will be astonished watching the colossal and spectacular cabaret, complete with vivid color costumes, intriguing tales that will spoil your eyes.

This art and cultural event is proudly presented by the Government of West Halmahera District for all travelers in Jailolo.

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