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Central Sulawesi, Festival lake Poso Morowali

Festival lake Poso Morowali


Lake Poso
Covering an area of 32,300 hectares and reaching 450m in depth, Lake Poso is the third largest lake in Indonesia. It is located 600m above sea level, so the evenings are pleasantly cool without being too cold. This area is also famous for wild orchids, especially on the western shores near Bancea.

The lake is surrounded by a magnificent forest view with crystal clear water for swimming and provides a perfect setting for outdoor lovers of all ages. Situated around the lake are several attractions namely : Bancea Orchid Garden, Saluopa Waterfall, Sulewana Waterfall, Pamona and Latea Caves and also the lake Poso Festival Ground.Lake Poso is accessible by car about 1.5 hours drive from Poso or a 7 hour drive from Palu Facilities available : hotel, cottage and restaurant.

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