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Central Sulawesi Panua Nature Reserve

Central Sulawesi

Panua Nature Reserve

Panua Nature Reserve is 45,000 ha and lies amidst two other proposed reserves in the so called Marisa Complex in North Sulawesi province. The two other areas are Randangan (90,000 ha) and Tanjung Panjang (2,500 ha), both proposed to become wildlife reserves.
The Marisa Complex consists of tropical rainforest, mangrove forest, beach forest and 1,000 ha of freshwater swamp forest. The Tanjung Panjang area includes some Nipah-islands.
The reserves can be accessed from Marisa. Take a bus from Gorontalo to Marisa.
* Gorontalo
o Several possibilities.
PHPA, Jl. Gajah Mada, Gorontalo.
* Palmae
o Nipah Palm – Nypa fruticans

* Spectral tarsier – Tarsius spectrum ssp.
* Lowland Anoa – Bubalus depressicornis

* Garganey – Anas querquedula
* Maleo – Macrocephalon maleo
* Ruddy Kingfisher – Halcyon coromanda
* Pied Imperial-Pigeon – Ducula bicolor
* Milky Stork – Mycteria cinerea
* Woolly-necked Stork – Ciconia episcopus

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