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Bali, Tulamben, Tauch Terminal Resort

Bali, Tulamben, Tauch Terminal Resort


Welcome to Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben – Bali – diving & living like in paradise – Bali has more to offer than the most travel guides reveal. The scenic beauty of volcanic islands with their tropical vegetation and abundant wildlife, the impressive appearance of typical Bali-Style houses and old temples, beautiful beaches attracting surfers from all over the world plus the charm and kindness of Balinese people is almost too much of a good thing for the common traveller. This is the reason why we rebuild and renovated the Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben in the beginning of 2008. Settled nicely amidst exotic plants and palm trees, you will find BUNGALOWS & STYLISH DELUXE ROOMS, of course all with ocean view. We have now 2 swimming pools where you can relax, do dive courses or just have a refreshing swim between the dives. In our photo gallery you can see the pictures of the new resort. But there is a more demanding kind of traveller – the explorer and diver who, besides outstanding aquatic adventures, requires the joy and splendor of a remote, yet comfortable and well-organized resort away from the masses. Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben – Super deluxe Zimmer tulamben resort rooms & rates Tauch Terminal Resort Tulamben – Pool Bar The resort location adjacent to the beach makes diving pure fun as an exciting wreck; a steep wall and a colorful coral garden are waiting right at your doorstep. Our new 2 storey restaurant with a lounge in the 2. Floor, is situated directly at the beach and also gives you a wonderful view over the beach and to the sea. The restaurant serves you rich variety of international and local cuisine. The center of our new resort is our brand new Pool-Beach Bar where you can daily order refreshing tropical juices, soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic drinks. Hang out in our comfortable seats on the pool and watch the ocean or just enjoy a drink directly in the pool.

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