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Bali, Tulamben, Dive Paradise Tulamben

Bali, Tulamben, Dive Paradise Tulamben


Located in the heart of the world’s richest coral reefs on Bali’s northeast coast. Dive Paradise Tulamben was built by divers for divers who would like to escape the crowds of mass tourism in South Bali. Get ready for one of the best diving destinations in the world. Black sand beaches, clear turquoise water teeming with marine life. Whether you seek the tranquility of snorkeling in a shallow coral garden, or discovering the underwater world of scuba diving. Dive Paradise Tulamben has everything for divers of every experience level. From beginner to the most experienced divers, we have dive sites and conditions to suit everyone.

Throughout thousand of years the thriving marine live around Bali has remained virtually untouched. This underwater world now offers a rich array of fish and corals found nowhere else in the world. We will do our best to help you experience unforgettable underwater memories at all of our dive sites around the Tulamben area.

The wreck of an American WWII shipwreck named USAT Liberty lies just 300 metres from our dive centre. The 120m long wreck rests on its side with the deck facing the sea. It was being used as an armed American supply ship, when it was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1943. The ship has since this time been transformed by the growth of corals, sponges and sea fans into a living reef.
Our professional staff dive each day on the Liberty Wreck and operate with high safety standards as their first priority. They are professional divers with a great passion for the ocean. We offer an insured scuba diving facility with our own scuba diving equipment and filling stations, which are regularly serviced and maintained by our own equipment specialists.

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