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Bali, Sanur, Bali Diving Safaris

Bali, Sanur, Bali Diving Safaris



Choosing the right diving facility for your vacation here in Bali is not easy. Bali Diving is committed to providing you with the best & most current comprehensive Daily Dive Trips. Our approach enables Bali Diving to make your Bali Dive vacation more personal.

Air Diving Academy is one of Bali’s leading SSI Instructor Training Centre’s, operated and managed by professional divers with over 70 years combined experience in Scuba Diving, Management and Scuba Education. Our Scuba Diving Instructors & Dive Guides are PADI & SSI dual trained. All are friendly and well trained guides who will ensure that you have fun, while showing you exotic underwater panorama with safety and the right techniques.

Sample the best of what Bali has to offer – let Bali Diving arrange a Diving Safari around the islands finest sites, where each dive offers something new and exciting. On the way you will see unspoiled mountains, emerald green rice terraces and villages where the traditional Balinese way of life still endures.

Scuba Diving Bali with Air Diving Academy will be an unforgettable experience


Air Diving Academy is an SSI Diamond Instructor Training Centre. Allow our instructors to help you begin you underwater adventure, imparting their years of experience and knowledge to allow you to be aware and safe during your own diving adventures.


Bali Diving Safaris offers you the opportunity to Scuba Dive Bali at its best. We arrange a variety of Multi-Day diving safaris for you and not only do you get to experience Balis’ wonderful underwater world, also an insight to “Island of the Gods”.

Daily Dive Trips BaliDIVE TRIPS BALI

Bali Diving Scuba Instructors & Dive Guides are PADI & SSI dual trained, fun, knowledgable and very friendly They will ensure that you will have fun while showing you  the exotic underwater panorama with safety and the right techniques.


komodo liveaboardsDIVE LIVEABOARDS

Here at Bali Diving we offers  Scuba Diving Liveaboard Experiences. That gives you a whole new dimension to your diving adventures. As it suggests you live on the sea, while you get the oppertunity to explore what lies beneath.

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