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Aceh, Peuet Sague Volcano

Aceh, Peuet Sague Volcano


Subregion Name:Sumatra (Indonesia)
Volcano Number:0601-03=
Volcano Type:Complex volcano
Volcano Status:Historical
Last Known Eruption:2000 
Summit Elevation:2801 m9,190 feet
Peuet Sague is a large volcanic complex that rises to 2801 m in NW Sumatra. The volcano, whose name means “square,” contains four summit peaks, with the youngest lava dome being located to the north or NW. This extremely isolated volcano lies several days journey on foot from the nearest village and is infrequently visited. The first recorded historical eruption took place from 1918-21, when explosive activity and pyroclastic flows accompanied summit lava-dome growth. The historically active crater is located SE of the Gunung Tutung lava dome and has typically produced small-to-moderate explosive eruptions.

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